Thailand Phi Phi Islands



18th of March 2016 – my birthday and the start of our trip to one of my favourite destinations – Thailand! With no exact plan and hotel reservations just for the first three nights we started our adventure.

After a long flight when we finally arrived in Phuket we were so tired but as it was still early to check into our room, we left our luggage at the reception and had a walk around. I remember that the first thing we ate was pineapple fried rice at one small restaurant near Patong Beach. We stayed in Phuket only 1 night and unlike what you would expect, we actually didn’t party. We bought coconuts and rum, went to the beach, played music from our phones and it was just us two dancing in the sand.

Phi Phi Islands


The next day we got to Phi Phi Don by ferry. And there it was – the paradise on earth! We stayed in a beautiful bungalow at Sunwaree Phi Phi Resort. It’s in Hin Poo Bay, away from the town center so we either had to take the boat or walk through the forest. The view from our terrace was stunning; I wish I could wake up to that vista every morning.


Each day we were taking boat trips to the near beaches. Maya Bay is breathtaking, it is one of those places that a person has to visit in his life. Its beauty is indescribable! I only wish we could see Maya Bay without the tourists around, I wish it was just me and Beyazit, the silky sand, the cliffs and the turquoise water…

Pileh Lagoon I found as attractive and mysterious as Maya Bay. My advice is to spend as much time there as possible. The whole surrounding is unbelievable, it truly connects you with the whole universe.

We also did snorkeling, we were lucky enough to see 1 vegetarian shark while swimming but of course there was no adrenaline rush as we knew that we weren’t on the menu for any vegetarian 🙂  We didn’t miss the most popular tours either so we ended up seeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach.

One of the days we were having a breakfast and wondering what we should do next as we are always hungry for new experiences. So we took a taxi boat and went to Loh Moo Dee Beach. With my excellent bargaining skills we found ourselves at a white sandy beach away from the crowd for 250 baht. We relaxed in peace all day, and then walked to the Viewpoint, made friends with few monkeys on the road. Instead of taking the taxi boat back we decided to walk all the way to our bungalow. It was a bit tiring but I love discovering hidden places with Beyazit.


And no place is ever fully described if the night life section is missed.  We love partying once in a while and while travelling it’s more than once, I promise you that 🙂 We were doing activities almost every single day and one would assume that we would prefer to enjoy our calm nights. Yes… but that is never the case. After a long day, we were getting back to our bungalow, recharging our batteries for an hour and there we were – ready for the night. And a night in Phi Phi Don has a lot to offer – from loud music, through locals and tourists dancing together, to fire shows and all sorts of games. We were loving our rum and coke buckets and I’d say the love was mutual.

We met so many people, everybody was advising us on where to go next and that’s how we picked our next stop – Koh Tao. I’ll leave that part for my next travelling post. Until then have a look at Phi Phi Islands and if you are planning a trip to Thailand, don’t miss this paradise.