Koh Tao



After spending few unforgettable days at Phi Phi Don, we decided to visit Koh Tao. Who knew we would love this place even more. Our heaven with the most beautiful sunsets… Up to this day when thinking of it gives me the chills.  But! Oh Lord how long it was to reach from Phi Phi to Koh Tao. We literary lost a whole day just moving from place to place but hey – it was the cheaper way to get there plus we definitely enjoyed the ride.

From Phi Phi we took ferry to Krabi, then a bus to Surat Thani and finally – ferry to Koh Tao. We were sunbathing on the ferries, having our Chang beers and getting to know other travelers. We heard some interesting stories about the North of Thailand and that’s definitely where we will go to the next time we visit Thailand.

Our adventure on the island started the second we got off the ferry. In that exact moment we realized that we had no place to go, no reservation made and just in general we had no idea how we should take it from there.  But we are social animals, aren’t we 🙂 I saw these guys asking for a taxi so I just jumped in the middle of their conversation (how rude is that) and I started interrogating them. They’ve been to Koh Tao before so they suggested us one hostel, we shared the taxi and it was all good… Until, of course, we found out that the hostel was full and all the hotels in the area were full, and there we were – homeless and hungry, and exhausted.  We decided that the best way to act is to get our priorities straight. We ordered some pizza, added some beers to the menu and started browsing the internet. Beyazit found one hotel and while I was trying to be multi-functional- eating and guarding the luggage at the same time, he went to check the place. Since we had no other option, we ended up taking the only room left which happened to be with NO air conditioner. It had a bed and a roof so that was all the lux we needed at that point.

The next day we found ourselves a nice bungalow, hidden in the forest – Secret Garden Village. It was a bit away from the loud town center which was all we needed – beautiful serenity.

To go to Koh Tao and not dive – that’s unacceptable. Being there meant that we spent our days snorkeling, diving, swimming and totally embracing the beach life. We used to stay at the beach until the sun sets and I can’t ever erase that unique image from my mind.


We were having our dinners at the beach restaurants in our swimwear. It was only around 10 pm when we were getting back to our bungalow to wash away the sand, put on actual clothes and go out to dance all night.

Koh Tao is such a lively island – there is always something going on no matter the time. One day we decided to rent a motorbike and drive around. We discovered many beaches that day and I am very happy we did it, but I wish we didn’t fall from the bike and didn’t smash Beyazit’s brand new phone. At least a lesson is learnt – no more 2 people on a motorbike with bad old tires on a sandy downhill off-road trying to shoot a video with a selfie stick! That is a NO-NO!

If you come to Koh Tao you shouldn’t ever miss seeing Koh Nang Yuan. It’s a paradise on its own! If you go to the Viewpoint you will witness perfection! Crystal clear water, blue sky, sun shining and green islands. Sounds like a dream but feels like a reality!