Hey everybody!

I am Suad, a regular girl with irregular life.

I was born in Bulgaria where I lived most of my life but I was always committed to travel. My mum is Turkish and my dad is Syrian. I never knew which culture I belonged to so I chose to belong to the world!

My favourite toys when I was little were airplane and a vintage globe. I guess that explains my passions later in life. I have already been to 19 countries – Turkey, Greece, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Sweden, Finland, England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Thailand. And thinking about all these beautiful places that I still have to visit keeps me inspired and motivated.

I wish I could see and feel it all!

One last thing about me that has significantly changed my life is that I found my soul mate. His name is Beyazit. We live in London, travelling around the world and figuring out life together.

Welcome to our journey!