Street Art


I am wearing:

Top – Clothing Boutique in Bulgaria

Jeans – Zara

Jacket – vintage piece from Portobello Market

Shoes – Oasis






He is wearing:

Top – Asos

Jeans – Topman

Shoes – Zara

Backpack – Bershka

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Berlin in Style


A dear friend of mine had a birthday on the 12th of May which, of course, turned out to be a lovely weekend getaway for us.  In 3 days we managed to relax, socialize, have fun and come back to London more tired than we left 🙂

We took the first flight in the morning, all excited with 3 hours sleep since we only find the time to pack our bags right before we leave. And because we never cheat on our style (catching flights by pure luck), Beyazit decided that it’s a smart idea to drive the car without Google maps (apparently he knew the way by heart) and of course we ended up getting lost and driving half an hour more. But positive thinking brings positive outcome so we kept our spirits up.

Till we reached the gate, we’d already bought Mahiki rum with coconut (we are so weak when it comes to rum) and we were ready to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

 It was a warm sunny Friday in Berlin and we weren’t in a hurry at all. We had our coffee near Frankfurter Allee station, then left our bags in the hotel and discovered this beautiful African Art Market called YAAM. It offered everything we needed – good vibes, reggae music, African and Caribbean food, river view and sun chairs 🙂


Saturday was hectic! We woke up fairly early so we could enjoy a brunch over the canal at Ankerklause.  We both ordered Bauern breakfast, which was delightful! By the time we went to my friend’s home party, it was 13:00 o’clock and everybody was already celebrating so we had to catch up real quick 🙂

I believe that we attract people similar to us, we choose our friends and we surround ourselves with people who are like us. Excuse my lyrical deviation 🙂 all I wanted to share is that at the party I only knew my friend, however, all of his friends made me and Beyazit feel so comfortable and sincerely enjoy the day. Some played piano, some sang songs. My friend is an oper singer so he made a little show for all of us. And I was sitting there just feeling grateful for having known people like him and collecting so many memories.

It’s never the final destination; it’s always the road and the people on it.


Later we went to Victoria park, had a picnic and a good laugh, played badminton, and before we knew, it was already dark. Obviously, we weren’t ready to finish the day so we thought a dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant is quite a good idea. But one thing leads to another, and me and Beyazit found ourselves in Berghain. I had only heard about it and I heard many different stories, however, I must say that it is an experience – a completely different world. The music was so good that we danced until the morning.

We went back to our hotel, slept for few hours and since it was a rainy Sunday we decided to make the most out of it. When you are in Germany and you want to relax, the best option is to visit a SPA Center. We stayed in Vabali Spa till midnight. It was a much needed rest for our minds and bodies and the perfect ending to our short trip to Berlin.

We are definitely coming soon! 

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Pre-birthday Emotional Roller Coaster


My birthday is knocking at the door which leaves me in a complete emotional confusion. My pre-birthday anxiety started too early because I still have plenty of time till 18th of March. Yet, here I am, drowning in my own thoughts.

I couldn’t help myself but ask why I am so sensitive about turning 30. Every article that I read keeps on promoting: “30s are the new 20s”. Yes, maybe mentally wise.

If I compare where in life my mum was at my age, I can certainly say that I am running behind her trying to catch up… but not really. She already had me when she was 23 years old, by age of 30 she was in the beginning of her business which later on paid off in various ways. She bought a flat where we lived together and was still able to travel quite a lot and please have in mind that in those years Bulgarian citizens needed visa to do so.

On the other hand, I have dedicated my 20s to find myself. A decade of personal growth, mistakes, a constant searching and learning. It’s funny how I always thought that by age of 28 I’ll be married with a kid, having my own business and traveling around the world. The reality that I have chosen, however, is a bit different. For me finding the right person mattered the most so I wouldn’t settle for anybody but that one special man who my soul recognizes. Traveling was always part of my life but when it comes to career dedication, I feel like I found my focus just lately.

Life never turns out the way you expect. And that’s the beauty of the unknown. I am grateful for my blessings and I still have dreams that I work for and hopefully they will all happen soon. Instead of writing disastrous scripts in my mind, I should be more accepting of myself. In the end, I chose my road by myself and I walked on it through good and bad.

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Graffiti Session 1

Graffiti and fashion compliment each other. 

 I hope you enjoy this photography. 


I am wearing:                                                         

Top –     New Look/   Jeans – Topshop /  Jacket – Bershka/  Shoes – Topshop                                        





 He’s wearing:       

 Top –     Bershka/   Jeans –  Zara/   Jacket – Topman/   Shoes – Aldo




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We have been travelling around Indonesia for a month now and I was not able to post anything for a while (there is no excuse for being an undedicated writer but on a serious note we were constantly moving from place to place, trying to see as much as possible, doing so many things – oh well I didn’t have that extra energy to actually sit and write).

Now let’s get back to the main topic of this post: BANGKOK!

Before visiting the city that never sleeps, I’ve been told that 2 days are more than enough to spend in Bangkok. An advice I shouldn’t have listened to!  Bangkok is a whole another world and it deserves some more appreciation. It has this authenticity about itself that just takes you on a magical road. Yes it’s dirty, busy and crazy but funnily enough it’s all mixed in a way that you fall in love with it. I can’t imagine Bangkok any different, everything about it just adds to its uniqueness.

We went from Koh Tao to Surat Thani by ferry, then to Nakhon Si Thammarat by bus and from there with airplane to Bangkok. It was too long but we bought the airplane tickets in advance while we were still in London. And as I previously wrote, Koh Tao was a sudden decision 🙂

We checked in Cacha Hotel – my favourite boutique hotel so far! The design of it is pure art!

Even though we were so exhausted after the long day spent travelling, we decided to take a Tuk Tuk and go to Khao San Road. And wow – it looks exactly as it is shown in “The Beach” movie – the complete meaning of BUSY! You can find everything there for a cheap price, no wonder it’s the first choice of backpackers. We had a quick dinner and a drink and head to the hotel. The next day we spent on discovering the city on our own. We got lost in it and that was exactly our aim.


We also visited the Wat Pho which is the oldest temple complex in Bangkok. Everything looked beautiful. We also met few Thai groups that were studying English so we had conversations with them as a part of their practice and took some pictures together. After the temple we dedicated ourselves to a full local experience.


The only down side was when we decided to get back to the hotel. We didn’t really know where we were at that point so we had to take a Tuk Tuk or a Taxi. Since no taxi was willing to take us (apparently we were on the other side of the city and with the crazy traffic, the drivers preferred not to bother), our only option was Tuk Tuk. If you have already been to Bangkok, you know how they love overcharging tourists so when an old smiley driver suggested taking us to the hotel for free, we just said “Yes” without a second thought and jumped in the Tuk Tuk. Mum always says: “There’s no free lunch” but where are you, mum, to remind me this when I actually need to apply your advice?!

The good old man started telling us in a bad English that he would stop in 2 clothing stores and that we wouldn’t have to buy anything but we should bring him coupons and after that we would head to Cacha Hotel. All could have been handled better, if we could only understand each other correctly. I blame it on the miscommunication but that doesn’t change the fact that the man actually made us work for him J I am laughing now, but I clearly remember that I was extremely close to a nerve breakdown back then! In the first stop we spent 30 minutes talking to the salesperson, trying to look interested in buying suits and ties (while being sweaty and sticky in our shorts and T-Shirts). In the end we were given a card and set free. Well, we tasted the feeling of freedom for a good 30 seconds because there was our Tuk Tuk driver looking so disappointed that we managed to get a card and not a coupon. After that he took us to the second store and warned us approximately 100 times that we should stay longer and ask for a COUPON. This time we were better employees, spent 40 minutes talking to the most aggressive salesperson. It almost felt as if we didn’t buy anything, the world would have come to an end! We got out there with a coupon in our hands, the driver was happy and we thought that finally we are going to our hotel. Oh, how naive are we! The old man said: “You give me 1 coupon, 1 more store – 1 more coupon”. And that was it! Our patience was completely over, we just got out of the Tuk Tuk and started walking until we found a taxi. When we arrived in our room, we had only time for a quick shower as we already had promised a friend of Beyazit to meet her at Sky Bar.

Sky Bar has a stunning view from the 63rd floor, you can have a cocktail and watch the city from above. We had a nice conversation, we enjoyed what the rooftop bar had to offer and decided to continue in Khao San Road. We prefer more local vibe places than posh ones, but that is just a personal taste.

The next day we woke up with no plan and a hangover – not the best-case scenario. We wanted to see the elephants but we didn’t book a tour the day before so we had no other option but organize it all on our own. Beyazit found the place and I found how to get there. The only problem was that we had only 3 hours before it’s closed. So we literary ran from the hotel to the DLR, arrived at the bus station, took a bus to Kanchanaburi. We were already late for the place that we checked online but luckily we met a man who offered to take us somewhere else and bring us back before the last bus to Bangkok (we definitely had to come back on time as we had a flight the next day).


The ride itself was super fun and the place was at Khwae Noi River. We rode elephants and took a bath with them. They seemed happy and people were taking good care of them, at least this is what we saw and how we felt.


I guess we spent more time with them than we actually should have because the driver was rushing to get us back to the bus station on time. We literary arrived 1 minute before the last bus left!

Upon arrival in Bangkok we found ourselves in a huge local market where we were the only foreigners. We had our dinner there, bought some presents, fed little goats and when we realized that we spent more than 3 hours, we took a taxi and went back to the hotel.


The next day we took our flight to Phuket. When we arrived, we just picked a random taxi only to take us somewhere near as we had to return to the airport early next morning and fly back to London.  A man would think that our adventure ended there but that’s never the case with us.

Since we didn’t book anything, we had to take the first available room we found. With such a limited choice we ended up in a room with all kind of insects, Beyazit said he saw bugs but to find a mouse in the bathroom was the last drop. I went to the receptionist and politely apologized that I won’t be able to sleep in the room. The sweet lady also apologized for the inconvenience and offered us to stay in a better room with door that we could actually lock, with air-conditioner and no mice inside.

The next morning we arranged the driver to pick us up at 7:15 as we thought our flight was at 9:00. Our initial thoughts were apparently completely wrong as we came to understand at the check-in desk. The woman told us that we are the last two passengers and we have to be at the gate in 15 minutes before it closes. We ran from there, other passengers were kind enough to let us go first through the passport check and the hand bag check. We made it on time, I was left with no breath and with my last energy I just throw the passports to the desk where a sweet woman with calm voice just told me: “Your flight has been delayed”. What a joke?! The funny part is that the airplane didn’t take off before 9:00 🙂

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Koh Tao



After spending few unforgettable days at Phi Phi Don, we decided to visit Koh Tao. Who knew we would love this place even more. Our heaven with the most beautiful sunsets… Up to this day when thinking of it gives me the chills.  But! Oh Lord how long it was to reach from Phi Phi to Koh Tao. We literary lost a whole day just moving from place to place but hey – it was the cheaper way to get there plus we definitely enjoyed the ride.

From Phi Phi we took ferry to Krabi, then a bus to Surat Thani and finally – ferry to Koh Tao. We were sunbathing on the ferries, having our Chang beers and getting to know other travelers. We heard some interesting stories about the North of Thailand and that’s definitely where we will go to the next time we visit Thailand.

Our adventure on the island started the second we got off the ferry. In that exact moment we realized that we had no place to go, no reservation made and just in general we had no idea how we should take it from there.  But we are social animals, aren’t we 🙂 I saw these guys asking for a taxi so I just jumped in the middle of their conversation (how rude is that) and I started interrogating them. They’ve been to Koh Tao before so they suggested us one hostel, we shared the taxi and it was all good… Until, of course, we found out that the hostel was full and all the hotels in the area were full, and there we were – homeless and hungry, and exhausted.  We decided that the best way to act is to get our priorities straight. We ordered some pizza, added some beers to the menu and started browsing the internet. Beyazit found one hotel and while I was trying to be multi-functional- eating and guarding the luggage at the same time, he went to check the place. Since we had no other option, we ended up taking the only room left which happened to be with NO air conditioner. It had a bed and a roof so that was all the lux we needed at that point.

The next day we found ourselves a nice bungalow, hidden in the forest – Secret Garden Village. It was a bit away from the loud town center which was all we needed – beautiful serenity.

To go to Koh Tao and not dive – that’s unacceptable. Being there meant that we spent our days snorkeling, diving, swimming and totally embracing the beach life. We used to stay at the beach until the sun sets and I can’t ever erase that unique image from my mind.


We were having our dinners at the beach restaurants in our swimwear. It was only around 10 pm when we were getting back to our bungalow to wash away the sand, put on actual clothes and go out to dance all night.

Koh Tao is such a lively island – there is always something going on no matter the time. One day we decided to rent a motorbike and drive around. We discovered many beaches that day and I am very happy we did it, but I wish we didn’t fall from the bike and didn’t smash Beyazit’s brand new phone. At least a lesson is learnt – no more 2 people on a motorbike with bad old tires on a sandy downhill off-road trying to shoot a video with a selfie stick! That is a NO-NO!

If you come to Koh Tao you shouldn’t ever miss seeing Koh Nang Yuan. It’s a paradise on its own! If you go to the Viewpoint you will witness perfection! Crystal clear water, blue sky, sun shining and green islands. Sounds like a dream but feels like a reality!



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Thailand Phi Phi Islands



18th of March 2016 – my birthday and the start of our trip to one of my favourite destinations – Thailand! With no exact plan and hotel reservations just for the first three nights we started our adventure.

After a long flight when we finally arrived in Phuket we were so tired but as it was still early to check into our room, we left our luggage at the reception and had a walk around. I remember that the first thing we ate was pineapple fried rice at one small restaurant near Patong Beach. We stayed in Phuket only 1 night and unlike what you would expect, we actually didn’t party. We bought coconuts and rum, went to the beach, played music from our phones and it was just us two dancing in the sand.

Phi Phi Islands


The next day we got to Phi Phi Don by ferry. And there it was – the paradise on earth! We stayed in a beautiful bungalow at Sunwaree Phi Phi Resort. It’s in Hin Poo Bay, away from the town center so we either had to take the boat or walk through the forest. The view from our terrace was stunning; I wish I could wake up to that vista every morning.


Each day we were taking boat trips to the near beaches. Maya Bay is breathtaking, it is one of those places that a person has to visit in his life. Its beauty is indescribable! I only wish we could see Maya Bay without the tourists around, I wish it was just me and Beyazit, the silky sand, the cliffs and the turquoise water…

Pileh Lagoon I found as attractive and mysterious as Maya Bay. My advice is to spend as much time there as possible. The whole surrounding is unbelievable, it truly connects you with the whole universe.

We also did snorkeling, we were lucky enough to see 1 vegetarian shark while swimming but of course there was no adrenaline rush as we knew that we weren’t on the menu for any vegetarian 🙂  We didn’t miss the most popular tours either so we ended up seeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach.

One of the days we were having a breakfast and wondering what we should do next as we are always hungry for new experiences. So we took a taxi boat and went to Loh Moo Dee Beach. With my excellent bargaining skills we found ourselves at a white sandy beach away from the crowd for 250 baht. We relaxed in peace all day, and then walked to the Viewpoint, made friends with few monkeys on the road. Instead of taking the taxi boat back we decided to walk all the way to our bungalow. It was a bit tiring but I love discovering hidden places with Beyazit.


And no place is ever fully described if the night life section is missed.  We love partying once in a while and while travelling it’s more than once, I promise you that 🙂 We were doing activities almost every single day and one would assume that we would prefer to enjoy our calm nights. Yes… but that is never the case. After a long day, we were getting back to our bungalow, recharging our batteries for an hour and there we were – ready for the night. And a night in Phi Phi Don has a lot to offer – from loud music, through locals and tourists dancing together, to fire shows and all sorts of games. We were loving our rum and coke buckets and I’d say the love was mutual.

We met so many people, everybody was advising us on where to go next and that’s how we picked our next stop – Koh Tao. I’ll leave that part for my next travelling post. Until then have a look at Phi Phi Islands and if you are planning a trip to Thailand, don’t miss this paradise.

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Blond Flashbacks


Being a brunette all of my life was fun but you know what people say: “Blondes Have More Fun”. So there I found myself going through all these 50 shades of blond until I reached that platinum look… which later on has caused me so many headaches, but I’ll leave that story for another post.

That edgy look of Madonna in the 90s inspired so many Londoners this summer. Streets were full with guys and girls embracing that white hair and thick dark eyebrows. Finally – my time has come, at least that’s how I felt so I put myself together, grabbed that bleach and for the next 6 months BLEACH was my best friend.

Oh, and I don’t know about Madonna, but my black hair went through black and white highlights->orange->honey gold->ginger->yellow->white phase. At certain point I thought I could become a rainbow if I tried harder but with all of my honesty it was a great experience as every month I kept on surprising myself with a new hair tone. Funnily enough, I think Beyazit enjoyed it even more as he had a brand new looking girlfriend every other month. Which man doesn’t like that 🙂









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Hey everybody!

I am Suad, a regular girl with irregular life.

I was born in Bulgaria where I lived most of my life but I was always committed to travel. My mum is Turkish and my dad is Syrian. I never knew which culture I belonged to so I chose to belong to the world!

My favourite toys when I was little were airplane and a vintage globe. I guess that explains my passions later in life. I have already been to 19 countries – Turkey, Greece, Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Sweden, Finland, England, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Thailand. And thinking about all these beautiful places that I still have to visit keeps me inspired and motivated.

I wish I could see and feel it all!

One last thing about me that has significantly changed my life is that I found my soul mate. His name is Beyazit. We live in London, travelling around the world and figuring out life together.

Welcome to our journey!


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